Alexander Thomas

has always had a love for film, literature, and music. From a young age he  developed a love of story telling, eventually leaving his home of Philadelphia to pursue a degree in screenwriting from Arizona State University. After spending several years touring the United States, photographing bands (and playing in them) on festivals like Mayhem Festival and Warped Tour –  he forayed into  music video production and short films, eventually winning the Silent House Short Film Festival in 2013.  This push into the creative industry has led him to work with a variety of artists with his work being featured in Flaunt Magazine, Revolver Magazine, AP, MTV2, Huffington Post and many more.

Alexander has led a remarkable life that has given him great perspective behind the camera. He firmly believes in learning everyday, and reads voraciously.  He has had multiple short stories, screenplays and volumes of poetry published with his most recent work being published this year and ranking within the top 250 on Amazon during first day sales. Alexander has also indulged his adventurous side by notably buying a sailboat and with no prior knowledge sailing it up the Pacific coast. He is a person who exemplifies the idea that an artist is inspired by a vast array of different things, and is constantly evolving. Currently Alexander creates with his partner Nikki through their company ETERNAL FILM PRODUCTIONS under the moniker ETERNALS.

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