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Filled with Sonic drive through, cheap weed and even cheaper beer, I sit here writing this out. Today I finally wrapped a music video – the first in a small series for a world I have created called Arcadia. It’s always great to work with amazing people who care about their craft, and today was simply no exception. I came into Phoenix yesterday at 6AM, and leave tonight at 10PM – 50 rounds of .38 ammo lighter, and 2tb heavier. In the short time that I was here I was able to shoot some guns, travel out to the desert, finish this video, and cut together a little travel film – I am excited to share with you guys.
The second quarter of this year is almost here. I don’t believe in resolutions but I do steadfastly believe in setting attainable goals. At the beginning of this year I sat down and jotted out some notes for each quarter. I am pleased that I met and exceeded all goals for this quarter, even with some financial and emotional hardship. Soon Q2 starts, and with it – production on 4 new videos, several editorial sets and much, much more. Additionally, Sticks And Stones magazine will be publishing a recent editorial I shot in East LA (if you are one of my subscribers, you probably already got a peak- and if not now is a great time to sign up for my mailing list!).
I am tired and weary, and in pains that without travel do not exist. As Danny Glover says “I’m getting too old for this shit”. There is certain joy that comes from traveling, seeing those I care about, and experiencing things I don’t get to in Los Angeles. There is also the longing to get home, throw my shit in a corner and crash on my wifes chest – passing out for an incomprehensible amount of time. I get back to LA at 6AM- best believe that’s the plan.

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