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Every artist is in a somewhat perpetual battle between consumerism (the struggle of our commercial vs. societal values) and the creation of art. For someone like me, I fall between genres in this weird little niche I have come to identify as home. On the one hand, I create products such as music videos that are an equal part artistic expression as they are a marketing and imaging tool for the artist. On the other hand, I create loads of artistic photographs – some at the whim of an employer or label, others completely on my own.
The truth is that I shoot over 50,000 photographs in any given year. An infinitely small number of those photographs reach the people I work for or with, and even fewer reach places like Instagram. Since the inception of the more artistic approach to my work, I have debated creating a subscription site (or adding a subscription portion to this website) or putting my work directly on Patreon to get more of what I shoot out to the general public (including magazine editorials prior to their publication). Because of the readiness, and availability of their platform I have chosen to place my content on Patreon until such a time exists that I can upgrade this server to support a fully functional membership site that my content deserves.
As an artist and a human, I am nothing unless I am constantly striving to be honest in my words, and my works. I’ve tried to effectively create membership tiers that offer you, my patrons access to an incredible amount of content and tangible goods at a solid price point. Your pledge to me helps fund my future creative endeavors, as well as the gear behind it, and the massive amount of coffee I require. I would not be able to do what I do if it were not for you, the beautiful humans who have taken time from their lives to appreciate the things that I create. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Here is the official link to my Patreon!


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