Usually when I write a blog post, I write about a recent shoot, a trip, or perhaps a reflective piece on a time in my life that has since passed. Those posts always bring me such joy to write, which often feels like such a cathartic exercise in and of itself. Unfortunately, as I am writing this I am not filled with joy. In fact, I am filled with contempt and shock.

Recently several states have passed new abortion laws – the strictest our nation has ever seen. These blatant attacks on Roe V. Wade, and the civil liberties of all women in America are a deplorable attempt to undue the massive societal advancements that have transpired over the last 70 years of American history. It seems that somehow we have entered into an age of absolute regression with disregard to those who have toiled and even died in the name of forward progress.

These recent decisions are on the heels of the most polarizing years in American political history – and it is only getting worse. In these intense times, one must make sure their voice is heard. Often, the loudness of the extremities seems to outweigh logic and humanity. Don’t be fooled, it could not be farther from the truth.

Logic and humanity still exist in this world. I chose to dissent. The only thing that matters still is to let your voice be heard, and to never let it be silenced by naysayers. We have the ability to reclaim the present before we drift dangerously far into the past – let’s be as loud as we can, let our voices be heard – and work diligently to eliminate this anachronistic dystopian future we have seemingly stumbled into.


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