Candy Music Video Release

I love it when a music video releases after loads of work being put into it. For a long amount of time I pretty much exclusively shot metal music videos – originally as choice and then some version of typecasting. It’s made me incredibly happy to be able to branch out and explore different mediums, thanks to artists like Forever Emerald and The Breaking Pattern.

The shoot for ‘Candy’ was pretty intense, as it was super fast paced and pretty much the dictionary definition of a run and gun production. I used a few techniques that I thought really brought certain shots to life such as shooting the dodgeball scenes with a shutter speed of 1/125 (instead of the typical 1/48) at 23.976 fps. This adds the effect of chaos to the scenes and really flushes it out.

I tried to have the extras and band wear some fairly color specific outfits to contrast the location and thematic ideas. I was totally expecting to shoot the dodgeball scenes indoors and was slightly surprised when we chose an outdoor spot – but I feel that it worked out well. The indoor sequences were lit with 2 Arri 650’s with no diffusion in an attempt to somewhat match the daylight outside. Check out the video below!


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